What’s the VRM app?

The VRM app (available for iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play) allows you to monitor, control and manage your Victron Energy system(s) from virtually anywhere in the world.

Login with your VRM account and see all your installations in one list. Tap on an installation to view its status and details, create custom widgets, place one of the many new VRM app widgets on your mobile device’s home screen to have the most important information available at any moment and receive push notifications for alarms.

What are VRM app widgets?

Widgets in general are shortcuts you can add to your home screen for quick access to information. In addition to being on your Home Screen, widgets are also viewable from Today View by swiping right from the Home Screen or Lock Screen.

With VRM app widgets you can display vital information about your energy system(s) directly on your phone’s home screen without having to open the VRM app.

Note that the VRM app widgets are not the same as those from the VRM Portal. They are phone widgets and not customisable.

Which VRM app widgets are available?

A variety of widgets with different sizes (fixed sizes for iOS, while the widgets can be resized for Android) and with a mix of information are available. In detail these are:
  • Status widgets: Showing state of charge of the battery, alarm status, DC and AC loads and solar production, one of them similar to that of the VRM Portal dashboard.

  • Environment widgets: Displaying available temperature sensors including humidity.

  • Tank widgets: Showing tank levels of all connected tank sensors, one of the widgets includes environment sensors.

  • EV Charging Station widget: A widget showing the status of the EVCS and allowing to control mode (auto, manual), charge current and charger on/off.

  • ESS widget: A widget that allows changing the ESS mode and minimum SoC.

  • Generator widgets: Three widgets of different sizes to manually start the generator and display the output power.
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